Valuation exercises are becoming increasingly common and a requirement for varied purposes including acquisitions, disposals, buyouts, restructuring, fundraising, financial reporting, statutory and legal.

As each valuation is unique, valuation work requires a high level of adaptability, flexibility and innovation, which we pride ourselves on being able to offer. We serve enterprises of all types and sizes, covering a wide range of industries. We believe valuations should not be made as a result of a mechanical process alone. We apply a variety of methodologies and techniques in deriving a valuation, but we also exploit our experience and apply our judgement to give our clients the quality of valuation advice they require. 

Our services include:

  • Valuation of individual assets ( e.g intangibles, goodwill) in the context of purchase price allocations (PPA)
  • Financial modelling, sensitivity and scenario analyses of business plans
  • Independent valuation and modelling for M&A
  • Fair value opinions for financial reporting under IFRS
  • Valuations/fairness opinions/expert reports in the context of legal disputes and court cases